Works of P. Frank Williams currently in production

  • A Madam’s Heaven And Hell

    Move over Heidi Fleiss. A new bitch is in town. And she’s all about the Benjamins. Sexy, sharp and a straight up hustler, Jodi “Stormy” Mattinson is one of the world’s wealthiest madams, running a flourishing multi-million dollar escort service in Las Vegas, Palm Springs and Utah.

    On A Madam’s Heaven and Hell, we journey with Jodi as she runs a busy escort service while trying to find real love in her own life. From the producers of  BET’S award winning series American Gangster, this film takes a deeper look at the world of escorting from the POV of a madam. The film is directed by acclaimed videographer Kourtney Ragland (“Locs Gone Wild”) and written and produced by Emmy Award winning P. Frank Williams.


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